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Your Personal Guide to Online Marketing Success

Discover Our Proven Strategies to Attract, Convert, and Retain Loyal Fans, Skyrocketing Your Sales and Engagement!

Looking to boost your revenue, interactions, or user engagement?

To enhance your online marketing, it’s crucial to grasp the concept of the PowerBoot 8-stage CUSTOMER Journey. The Journey aims to transform unknown individuals into raving fans that want to tell the world about you. Although numerous frameworks exist, none are as comprehensive as the blueprint that drives everything we do. The Customer Journey is distinct from other approaches, as it provides a systematic method for captivating, winning over, and retaining your top customers.

We will help you kickstart the growth of your small business by incorporating these strategies into your everyday practices.

Your Journey to Business Growth Starts Here



1-on-1 meeting with your Account Manager to get you up and running right away.

From setting up your new phone numbers and connecting all your social accounts, to learning the ins and outs of the platform, you’ll be left with a good grasp of everything you can do and where to get help.

PRO and COMPLETE Plans Only
PRO and COMPLETE Plans Only

Define Goals & Target Market

Here, we deep dive into your specific business goals and target market: Define your goals and KPIs, evaluate current reputation, customer base, customer behaviors, define your Ideal Customer Avatar, identify initial areas of focus (aligned to 8-stage Customer Journey).  After all, If you market to everyone, you sell to no one.

PRO and COMPLETE Plans Only
PRO and COMPLETE Plans Only

Strategic Plan Development

Our team identifies the quick wins and most impactful areas to focus on.  Now the work begins.

For Pro subscribers, we lay out the best course of action, and begin instructing and guiding on how to put each piece in play.

For Complete subscribers, we just blaze ahead and make it all happen, ultimately focusing on every stage of the customer journey.  We move fast, to make results happen.

PRO Plan Only
PRO Plan Only

Build Out The Stages

Our team begins to guide you through laying out the workflows, messages, landing pages, and more, working towards helping you provide a complete customer journey through all touchpoints you can reach.

By following our guided process, we’ll start with the stages that will provide the quickest results based on your current brand reputation, and move you through creating some significant results.


Build out the entire journey

Within a reasonable amount of time, we’ll have you reaching customers at every possible touchpoint and at every stage of their journey.  While new prospects are only learning about you, and others are testing your wares, many will be “singing from the rafters”, to tell the world about you, and the amazing value you bring to their lives.


Continually Drive New Business

On a continual drive forward, we build your reputation, grow your audience, drive leads into the pipeline, help you deliver effective sales tactics, and empower you to deliver a great customer experience.

We post to your social media, publish new content to your website, and even run an occassional contest or promotional event.  Steady and sustainable growth is our only focus, and helping you reach your business goals is our only goal!

Small business owners often face the daunting task of managing their online marketing, which can be time-consuming and complex. Our company provides a comprehensive solution that alleviates these challenges by handling all aspects of their online marketing, excluding ads, at a cost lower than that of a part-time employee. By following our unique 8-stage customer journey model, we effectively engage with prospects and customers at every touchpoint, allowing small businesses to focus on their core operations. We leverage multiple channels, such as SMS, email, lead magnets, funnels, landing pages, website, web chat, ringless voicemails, and popular social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok, to create a cohesive marketing strategy. This targeted approach helps small business owners to maximize their reach, foster meaningful connections with customers, and ultimately drive growth, all while alleviating the common pain points associated with self-managed marketing.


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