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7 Key Reasons Why Using ONLY Social Media for Your Small Business Marketing IS NOT a Great Strategy! 

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While social media marketing has contributed numerous fantastic results for customers and businesses, it doesn’t come without its own disadvantages. High-ranking online marketers and large businesses have rarely reported on the negative impacts that social media has brought to the marketing industry. These 7 negatives are obvious side-effects of the fast-paced development of social media as a marketing discipline.

1. Concentrating on Scale at the Cost of Relationships

Many people view social media as a fast method to engage with customers. Yes, information sharing on social platforms happens quite quickly, however, it is often at the cost of much deeper individual relationships. As such, marketers aren’t usually customizing communications and engagement to the benefit of their customers, nor their organization. Social media content is frequently re-purposed from other channels and is not tailored to customers’ preferences via the different social channels.

2. Focusing on the Wrong Metrics

A “follower” isn’t a company goal. Social media has actually allowed online marketers to chase after metrics that don’t bring any measurable benefit to their business. The reason for the majority of the conversation surrounding social media ROI is triggered by businesses measuring the wrong metrics. Leads and sales must be included in the metrics that are measured.

3. Your Time Isn’t Free

A huge misconception is that social media is totally free. While numerous tools are free or of relatively low expense, they take a substantial amount of time to research and implement. Time is valuable. Underestimating the time it takes to learn and integrate, many marketing departments are becoming overloaded and thus, tasking interns with their social media commitments.

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4. Just Another Department

Social media should be a driver for collaboration & integration, however frequently it has triggered further silos within an organization. Instead of ending up being an element of every department within a business, social media is now another group under the marketing umbrella and sits in a department far from other disciplines. It should be utilized as an important element for organizational enhancement.

5. More Noise

Social media has actually reduced the cost of sharing info with others to almost nothing. Because information sharing is now so easy, the web is getting crowded with information that is either unimportant to the customers or is outright spam! All of this noise makes it more and more difficult to target potential customers and to allow an organization’s messages to resonate.

6. Online Overload

Now that online interaction can be scalable, more marketers are going over-board, much to the detriment of their marketing objectives. This indicates that instead of having the right mix of online and offline marketing activities, some marketers are putting most, if not all of their attention online. While online is a vital part of marketing, offline events and strategies are still vital in driving sales and building personal relationships with your customers.

7. Absence of Adaptation

Social media has become a catalyst of change for the way millions of companies and customers communicate. Sadly, alot of online marketers have not changed their strategies. The material marketers are putting into social media is the same old information that people have tuned-out on TV and in print over the last 20 years. Many marketers are doing the very same thing and expecting to get better results, benefiting no one in the end. Continuous education and research of online trends is essential to ensure a successful ROI for your business.

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you think social media, solely as a strategy, is bad for marketing?

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